Analytical Development

Agile Pharmaceuticals Solutions possesses a team of scientific professionals that have many years of industrial experience with Analytical Method Development and Validation. Our experts have many years of hands-on experience in various laboratories and are very adept at troubleshooting/optimizing methods. We have expertise in developing methods for quantitation of analytes utilizing many types of instrumentation such as FTIR, GC, LC and MS. Below are some of the many solutions that APS offers:

  • - Analytical Research

  • - Identification of Impurities and Degradation Products

  • - Oversight of Reference Standard Qualification

  • - Analytical Method Development, Qualification, and Validation

  • - Assay Development and Validation

  • - In-Process and Final Product Testing and Stability

  • - Content Uniformity Method Development and Validation

  • - Dissolution Method Development and Validation